Micro Diamonds for your Creations


DiamArt makes surfaces with the most precious of stones - the diamond - helping brands and

designers to create unique products using this exquisite material.

Unlike glass crystals or glitter, we add true preciousness, using an unprecedented technique for

applying diamond and thereby increasing the actual and the perceived value of your products.

Thanks to our special process which combines artistic craftsmanship and technology, our diamond

surfaces have a certified carat density.

DiamArt surfaces are shaped according to the desires of Brands and Designers to obtain inserts

and decorations in micro diamonds for their exclusive creations.


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“The evolution of the concept of micro diamond”


A new concept for the sector and for applications of precious stones, which can now shine out

where and how it once was impossible.


A new frontier for diamonds, both natural and created.



Certified Carat Weight


DiamArt Micro Diamonds surfaces are characterized by a density of diamond whose calculation

method is approved and certified by the IGI - Italian Gemological Institute. This is not merely a

certification, but a process based on close collaboration, to which DiamArt has actively

contributed by rewriting the rules of gemmology in order to offer solutions that are exclusive,

innovative and absolutely unique on the market. The IGI, a reliable and internationally-recognized

institute of gemological certification, recognized the innovative nature of our process from the


The Carats Certification:



Patented Technology and Made In Italy


Our sophisticated production technique is protected by patents which are filed in Italy and

extended worldwide (Ref. EP2837506B1, WO2017212396), thus guaranteeing to our surfaces the

highest standards of reliability and durability.

The preparation and placement of the micro diamond is done by the most sophisticated

intelligence of all: the human mind. Skilled hands and attentive eyes guarantee maximum

refinement and uniqueness.



and Patented Technology:






DiamArt surfaces can have both natural and created micro diamonds.

Particularly, the natural micro diamonds has a diameter of less than 0.8 mm, which contributes to

Sustainability by finding a use for stones which would otherwise not reach the market, being too

small to set or cut. Thanks to DiamArt's patented technology, these stones have regained their

due commercial value.

DiamArt's checking system for quality and sustainability also extends to created diamonds, i.e.

those grown in a laboratory. Since they are created in a lab and sourced from suppliers selected by

DiamArt, these diamonds also guarantee high standards of ethics and sustainability.

By doing this DiamArt has created a market that previously didn't exist, building on an ingenious

intuition; it's a highly efficient example of a circular economy.





“50 years in the micro diamond industry together with decades of direct experience in the

jewelry market”


DiamArt chooses QPlus Gemstones for the distribution of its micro diamond surfaces.

A deep knowledge in the world of precious stones to help the customer to find innovative and

technological solutions for enriching jewels and fashion accessories.

Thanks to the multiple strategic synergies and a strong ability to develop a shared vision of the

market with the customer, the collaboration between the two companies has the common

objective of supporting the brands in creating new products with the micro diamond surfaces,

according to traceability for sustainable value chains.

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